How can we protect our employees against safety or health risks? What do we do to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment? How can we use energy in more targeted manner for our processes? How do we ensure high quality standards?

All questions Deutsche Erdoel has answers to – with the help of an integrated management system that ensures that at Deutsche Erdoel we pursue and implement occupational health and safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency, as well as safety and quality management in a well-structured, efficient manner. At Deutsche Erdoel, protection and safety are certainly not empty phrases – they are our duty. We want to work systematically and sustainably – and be able to prove we do. That is why we have our operations regularly certified by external auditors.

An audit certificate is the result of a successful appraisement by an independent third party. It proves that we fulfil the requirements laid down by a national or international standard and continually improve as a company. And in this way we gain the trust of our employees, business partners, customers and the general public. Deutsche Erdoel also undertakes specific measures to ensure the compatibility of work and family life, an area we are also certified in.

Integrated management system

Deutsche Erdoel has established an integrated management system in all districts and divisions of the company. In contrast to isolated systems, this integrated system makes a more streamlined and efficient control of corporate processes possible.

Our management system is geared to international environmental, quality, energy efficiency and safety standards and is deployed as a central management tool. All our employees are familiarised with the system through intensive training courses and internal audits. The aim is to ensure that the system provides them in their everyday work with practical support in the fields of health and safety at work, environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety and quality management. The principle we rely on is best described as "plan – do – check – act". If we discover any loopholes, we immediately draw up measures to tackle the issue and then implement them in an on-going improvement process.


Deutsche Erdoel has been certified to ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental protection), ISO 50001 (energy efficiency) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety).

Our ISO 9001 certificate proves that we maintain high quality standards in customer orientation, managerial responsibility, management, on-going improvement, decision-making and supplier relationships.

Our ISO 14001 certificate proves that we operate sustainably, minimise waste, are careful in our stewardship of resources and pay attention to climate protection issues. Our certified environmental management system plays its part in avoiding environmentally relevant incidents and in the event of such an incident, minimising its environmental impact.

Pursuant to ISO 50001, Deutsche Erdoel implemented an energy management system (EnMS) on the already existing management system used at all German business locations. The EnMS contributes to the economic use of available resources, particularly by improving our energy efficiency, and (amongst others) improves the carbon footprint of our company. As a result, Deutsche Erdoel were successfully awarded the ISO 50001 certification. Since 2015, Deutsche Erdoel has been certified according to ISO 50001 at all of its German business locations.

Our occupational safety management system has been certified to OHSAS 18001. Here, our target is "zero accidents". Every employee should go home in as a healthy state as he or she arrived at work in. We are convinced that every accident can be avoided, and that is one reason why Deutsche Erdoel has been awarded an additional "Systematic Safety" seal of quality by the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry Association in Germany. This certification process also helps us to optimise our occupational safety organisation by detecting possible weak points and dealing with them. This reduces the risk of accidents and operational disruptions even further.

"berufundfamilie" certificate

Deutsche Erdoel has specifically embedded the compatibility of work and family in its management principles. And we are happy to be measured by our employees' work-life balance.

What we achieved in this field has been recognised, among other things, by the berufundfamilie certificate awarded by the Hertie Foundation with the support of Germany's Ministry of Family Affairs. This audit appraises a company's family-friendly record and determines ways of better aligning the interests of a company and its employees.
Deutsche Erdoel scores well with a broad range of arrangements and services that make it easier for employees to balance the demands of work and family. Besides legal requirements in Germany such as maternity or parental leave and parental allowances, we support a healthy work-life balance through flexible working hours, family-friendly services and numerous health, sport and leisure opportunities. At our site in Hamburg we cooperated with other firms to set up a daycare facility, which we are regularly expanding. Modern, child-friendly rooms, flexible childcare periods and the proximity of the facility to the parents' place of work are the key features of this daycare concept. Furthermore, parent-child rooms in our headquarters building enable employees to bring their children with them to work, if needs be.